Priority Alerts for Video Doorbells and Security Cameras in Do Not Disturb mode (iOS only)

Priority Alerts is a Ring Protect Plus subscription and iOS only feature that lets you receive Ring Video Doorbell and Security Camera alerts when your mobile device is in Do Not Disturb or Focus mode, and/or to override Alerts Snooze and Motion Schedules.

How to set up Priority Alerts

Follow these instructions to ignore your device’s settings and send you Video Doorbell and Security Camera alerts right away when your mobile device is in Do Not Disturb or Focus mode.

  1. Open the Ring app and tap menu (☰).
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Tap the desired Video Doorbell or Security Camera.
  4. Tap Device Settings.
  5. Tap Notification Settings.
  6. Tap Priority Alerts.

    Note: Priority Alerts require Critical alerts feature in iOS Ring app’s notification settings to be enabled. If Critical alerts are disabled in your iOS device settings, you will see a button prompting you to Turn on Priority Alerts. Tap this button to enable Critical Alerts or go to the Ring app in Notifications settings on your iOS device and make sure Critical Alerts and Allow Notifications are toggled on.

  7. In the Ring app, select the Doorbell Alerts and Motion Alerts you want to receive.
  8. Tick Override Snooze and Schedules if you want to receive Priority Alerts when you have snoozed Motion Alerts.

Note: Priority Alerts in Do Not Disturb or Focus mode only applies to push notifications, not emails.

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