Spotlight Cam setup mode

Learn what to do when Spotlight Cam is stuck in setup mode.

Troubleshooting setup mode

When setting up Spotlight Cam in the Ring app, the device goes into setup mode where it temporarily broadcasts a local wifi network that connects to your mobile device. The device is in setup mode when the status light is flashing on the bottom of the device. Here a few tips if you're having trouble.

Check to make sure your Ring device is in setup mode. 

There are a few different light patterns that tell you the status of Spotlight Cam like setup mode, disconnected from the internet, failed setup and more. 
Learn more about Spotlight Cam light patterns.

Disconnect your mobile device from your wifi.

Sometimes phones and tablets have trouble connecting to a Ring device's temporary network during setup. Try getting off the network, then attempt setup again. 
Learn more about setup mode.

Check to make sure your Ring device is receiving power. 

Whether wired or battery, if Spotlight doesn't have power, it won't be able to setup. Recharge the battery or batteries, or check to see if the power is out at the device's location. 
Learn what to do if your Spotlight Cam Wired goes offline.

Reset your Spotlight Cam.

If your device has power, hold the setup button located at the top of the device down for 20 seconds to perform a hard reset on the device. After release, the status light on the bottom of the device should flash letting you know that Spotlight Cam is restarting. Attempt to setup your Ring device again.

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