Troubleshooting in-app setup issues with Ring devices

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Downloading the Ring app
Starting the setup process
Entering your address
Entering the correct wifi password
Switching your Ring device into setup mode
Cannot find the temporary "Ring-" wifi network
'Setup did not complete'

Downloading the Ring app

The Ring app is available for phones and tablets in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can also visit to directly download the Ring app on your mobile phone.

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device. 
  2. Search for "Ring".
  3. Download the Ring app.

You may need to update your mobile device's operating software and download the the latest version of the Ring app for the latest features and fixes in-app.

Starting the setup process

Open the Ring app on your mobile device, tap the menu (☰), then tap Set Up a Device.

For complete setup instructions, click on your device below. 

Don't know what Ring device you have? Tap here to find out.

Video Doorbells

Security Cameras

Ring Alarm


Entering your address

The Ring app might have trouble pinpointing your exact address at time you're entering it. Please wait a few moments, and try again.

If you're still experiencing issues, there are a few potential causes why you might have trouble entering your address:

Turn on your Location Services

  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Search "Location Services".
  3. Find the "Ring app".
  4. Allow Location Access.
  5. Try the setup process again.

Check your internet connection

Your phone may not be connected to the internet. Verify that your phone is connected to the internet, then go through the setup process again.

More information on the Ring app and your address.

Entering the correct wifi password

This is the number one reason why setups fail. Always remember that passwords are case-sensitive. Your wifi password can very often be found on a label on the bottom or side of your router.

How to find your wifi password.

More information on incorrect passwords.

Switching your Ring device into setup mode

The links below explain how to put your device into setup mode.

Cannot find the temporary "Ring-" wifi network

The temporary wifi network called "Ring-" is being broadcast by your device. If you're having trouble finding this network, you should restart the setup procedure. When you get to this step, look for a slowly pulsing light on your device. This means the device is broadcasting the network. Now, try the setup process again. If you don't see this light, you may have a malfunctioning unit.

Most common connection issues

Below are other common causes of setup failure if you're receiving a 'Setup did not complete' message and cannot finish setup. Tap the links to learn more about potential fixes.

If your Ring device still won't set up and you've determined that it's not one of the four most common causes, tap for additional procedures to address in-app setup failing repeatedly.

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