Adjusting video recording length for battery-powered devices

Your Ring app gives you the power to control how long your Ring devices record events, even if you don't respond to notifications. By increasing or decreasing your video recording length you can choose a longer time to see more of each event or less recording time in order to preserve battery life. 
There are seven recording length options:
  • 15 seconds
  • 20 seconds 
  • 25 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 90 seconds
  • 120 seconds

How to change your video recording length

To adjust the video recording controls, follow these instructions in the Ring app:
  1. Open your Ring app and tap on the menu icon () on the top left of the Dashboard
  2. Tap on Devices
  3. Tap the device you want to adjust
  4. Tap Device Settings
  5. Tap Video Settings
  6. Tap Recording Length
  7. Toggle on Auto to record until motion stops (up to 30 seconds), or tap Record For to select the amount of time you want your Ring device to record
  8. Tap Save
You may get a notice warning that your choice will affect your battery life. You can always make a selection and change it to a shorter time if you feel your battery is draining too fast.
Each device has its own individual video recording length control and they can be set to different recording lengths.

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