Quick Replies

Quick Replies is a Video Doorbell feature, similar to an answering machine for your door. Quick Replies is not available for the Ring Video Doorbell (1st Generation).

You can now link Alexa Greetings or Quick Replies with Modes providing that you have a device that supports Alexa Greetings or Quick Replies and both Modes and Alexa Greetings or Quick Replies are activated. For example, you can set Alexa Greetings or Quick Replies to turn on automatically when your devices are in Away mode and Quick Replies to turn on in Home mode if both Alexa Greetings and Quick Replies are available on your device.

Learn how to find your Video Doorbell model in the Ring app.

Using Quick Replies in the Ring app

You can enable or disable Quick Replies at any time in the Ring app. Once the feature is activated, and someone rings your doorbell, the visitor will hear a pre-selected message and can leave a reply, unless customised otherwise. There’s no subscription required for Quick Replies. However, only Ring Protect plan subscribers will be able to access and review recordings of Quick Replies interactions in their Event History.

How to set up Quick Replies 

In the Ring app:

  1. Tap the menu (≡) on the top left of the Dashboard.
  2. Tap Devices.
    • Select the doorbell you want to set up.
  3. Tap the Smart Responses tile below the doorbell image.
  4. Tap Quick Replies.
    • Toggle on Quick Replies switch to blue.
  5. Set Response Time for right away or between 2-20 seconds.
  6. Choose Quick Reply Message.
    • Scroll down the list and select a year round message or seasonal greeting.
      • You'll hear a recording of the message.
    • Tap Save in the top right corner.

How to select and play Quick Replies in Live View

You can play any Quick Replies message when you open Live View, without turning on automatic Quick Replies. For example, if you open Live View or answer a ring alert via the app, you can play a reply such as "Hi! We'll be right there," or "Thanks for stopping by. If you'd like to leave a message, you can do it now."

To play a preset message when in Live View:

  1. Tap Quick Replies.
  2. Tap a Quick Replies message of your choice.
    • Your Quick Replies message will play to your visitor through the doorbell speaker.

How to link Quick Replies with modes

To set Quick Replies to turn on or off automatically when your Ring devices are in Home, Away or Disarmed mode:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the menu (☰).
  3. Tap Devices.
  4. Tap the device you want to configure.
    • Make sure you have enabled Quick Replies for this device.
  5. Tap Modes Settings
  6. Select the Mode you want to link with Quick Replies.
  7. Tap your device again.
  8. Under Smart Response Settings, toggle Quick Replies on or off as desired.
  9. Repeat this process for at least one more of the modes so that Quick Replies is toggled on for at least one mode and is toggled off for at least one mode.

Frequently asked questions

What is Quick Replies?

Quick Replies allows you to choose preset responses and is available with most Ring Video Doorbells. It's like an  answering machine for your front door if you're not around. You can set one automated response and ask a visitor to leave a message.

How does Quick Replies work?

If Quick Replies has been turned on in the Ring app, it takes between 0 to 20 seconds to activate when a visitor presses the doorbell after the sound has stopped playing. The doorbell will play one of the preset responses. You can select whether the visitor can leave a message. Even if they don't leave a message, sound can still be recorded during the interaction if you are subscribed to a Ring Protect plan. 

What Quick Replies options can I manage?

You can turn Quick Replies on or off, set the activation delay from 0 to 20 seconds, and pre-select a message that will be played to your visitors by default. The pre-selected messages can be chosen individually for each doorbell that you own.

Can I record my own voice message?


Can I adjust the volume of Quick Replies?

Not at this time. 

Do I need a subscription to the Ring Protect plan in order to use Quick Replies?

No. Quick Replies is available with or without a subscription. However, only Ring Protect plan subscribers will be able to access and review recordings of Quick Replies interactions in their Event History. Both subscribers and non-subscribers can view Quick Replies interactions in real time in Live View. If you add a Ring Protect plan subscription, you will only see Quick Replies interactions in Event History after the subscription was added.

Can I interrupt a Quick Replies interaction if I want to answer my door?

Yes, you can interrupt a Quick Replies interaction and start talking to the visitor.

How long does the interaction with Quick Replies last?

A Quick Replies interaction is 60 seconds from the point when Quick Replies becomes activated following the 0 to 20 second delay.

Can Quick Replies recognise what is being said or use Person Detection if someone doesn't ring the doorbell?


Can I watch the Quick Replies interaction without answering the door?

Yes, you can watch Quick Reply interactions live.

Is it possible to select a real-time response that can be played by the doorbell?

Yes, you can use a real-time response that can be selected in the Live View when someone presses the doorbell.

How can I identify the Quick Replies interactions in the Ring app?

Quick Replies will appear in History as an individual event and will show the same icon as a missed doorbell ring.

Can I share Quick Replies interactions?

Yes, these interactions can be shared just like other Ring doorbell videos if you have subscribed to a Ring Protect plan.

Will I be able to turn Quick Replies on or off based on the time of the day?

No. At this time Quick Replies does not have any scheduling functionality.

Will Quick Replies still function if the doorbell has no internet connection?

No. Quick Replies will not function if the doorbell has no internet connection. 

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