Understanding your Ring Intercom's LED light patterns

Your Ring Intercom has an LED light located on the front to show you the status of your device. The meanings of the light flashes are in the chart below.

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 Activity Flashing light pattern Flashing light image
Power up, previously set up Solid blue light until boot is complete, then LEDs off (idle mode) DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Poweruppreviouslysetup.gif
Power up, not previously set up Solid blue light until boot up is complete, then slow blinking blue light (setup mode) DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Power_upnotpreviouslysetup.gif
Ring Intercom is idle LEDs off DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_DeviceIdle.png
Ring Intercom is in setup mode Slow blinking, blue light DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_RingIntercomisinsetupmode.gif
Ring Intercom setup successful Solid blue light for five seconds DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_RingIntercomsetupsuccessful.png
Setup has failed, incorrect password Red light flashing on and off DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Setuphasfailedincorrectpassword.gif
Setup has failed, no wifi connection Green light flashing on and off DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Setuphasfailednowificonnection.gif
Setup has failed, miscellaneous reason Light flashing red/blue DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Setup_hasfailedmiscellaneousreason.gif
Ring Intercom is in testing mode Green light fading in and out DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Ring_Intercomisintestingmode.gif
Call detection testing, call detected
Solid blue light DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Calldetectiontestingcalldetected.png
Firmware is updating
Blinking blue light, followed by blinking white light DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Firmwareisupdating.gif
Buzz detected at the entrance panel Solid blue light DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Buzzdetectedattheentrancepanel.png
Audio call started via Ring app or Alexa Blue light fading in and out DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_AudiocallstartedviaRingapporAlexa.gif
Camera is booting up Solid light until bootup is complete, blue DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Cameraisbootingup.png
Factory restore Red light flashes on/off, then solid for five seconds DESIGN-9746_LEDLightPatternGIFsRingIntercom_Factoryrestore.gif


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