Ring Chime Information

What is Ring Chime?

Ring Chime is a wireless notification device that can connect to all of your Ring devices. Simply plug it into a wall socket, connect it through the Ring app and you'll get Ring notifications anywhere in your home, even if you're not near your phone.

Learn more at https://ring.com/chime.

Where can I get a Ring Chime?

Ring Chime is available to buy on Ring.com.

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Product specs

What are the dimensions of Ring Chime?

2.75in (6.985 cm) x 1.88in (4.775 cm) x 1.3" (3.302 cm). Ring Chime weighs 2.116 oz. (60 g)

Does Ring Chime have a battery?

Ring Chime is designed to plug into a standard US, UK, EU, or ANZ power outlet. Ring Chime does not contain a battery.

What power voltages does Ring Chime work with?

Ring Chime has an internal power regulator for compatability with US, UK, EU, and ANZ standard power currents. Units shipped to the UK, EU, or ANZ come with compatible power plugs.

Are there any lights on the Ring Chime unit?

Yes. Blue LEDs illuminate steadily to indicate normal operation and they pulse when in setup mode.

What finish/colour options are available for the Ring Chime?

Ring Chime is available in a white, high gloss finish.

What type of wifi network is Ring Chime compatible with?

Ring Chime is compatible with standard 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz networks. Ring Chime supports WPA2, WPA, Open, and WEP encryption.

However, we do not recommend using WEP, as it is the oldest and weakest of these protocols. Use WPA2 encryption for a more secure connection and broadest compatibility.



How does Ring Chime work?

When someone presses the button on your Ring Video Doorbell, the Chime will play a pre-set tone to notify you.

Will Ring Chime flash when triggered?

No. Ring Chime does not flash when triggered.

Can you choose a different chime sound or set your own chime sound?

Yes. Click here to learn more about downloading new Ring tones for the Ring Chime.

Can you change the volume of the chime? Can you turn the Chime off?

Yes. You can change the volume of your Ring Chime unit and configure which doorbell will trigger your Chime. If you do not want to trigger your Chime, it's easy to turn off the connection from the Device Settings of either your Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Chime.

Does Ring Chime allow me to communicate with someone in front of my Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring Chime contains a speaker only. Ring Video Doorbell real-time communication occurs via the Ring app on iPhone, or Android devices.

How do I update settings for Ring Chime?

Ring Chime settings are configured using the same Ring app used for the Ring Video Doorbell. Firmware updates happen automatically over-the-air.



Should I set up my Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Chime first?

We recommend setting up your Ring Doorbell first, then setting up the Ring Chime. After both devices are active and on the wifi network, use the Ring app to associate Ring Chime with Ring Video Doorbell units. You will be prompted by the Ring app to associate your Ring Chime to one or more Ring Video Doorbells during the last step of the wifi setup process.

How do you set up Ring Chime to work with Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring Chime is configured in the same way as Ring Video Doorbell, by using the Ring app. Set up your Chime in the Ring app.

Can I connect multiple Chimes to one doorbell or multiple doorbells to one Chime?

Yes. Ring Chime connects to 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz wifi just like Ring Video Doorbell and can be paired to any number of Ring Video Doorbells. You can also pair multiple Ring Chime units to one Ring Video Doorbell. Once connected to your Ring Video Doorbell, your Ring Chime will work anywhere it has a wifi connection.


Purchases, refunds and warranties

Where can I order Ring Chime?

To order, go to https://ring.com/chime.

Does Ring Chime have a warranty?

Yes, a 1-year parts and labour and lifetime theft protection.

Click here For more information on Ring's Limited Warranty and Theft Protection Plan.

What is Ring's refund policy?

You have 30 days from the date you received your device(s) to request a full refund. You are responsible for covering the cost of return shipping.

What if someone steals my Ring Chime?

If stolen, we will replace it for free.

Click here for more information on Ring's theft policy.

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