Updating the firmware on your Ring Alarm Keypad

Occasionally we need to make firmware updates to the devices on your Ring Alarm system. Firmware is software that runs on devices, such as Ring Alarm Keypads, and these updates help us improve the performance and stability of your Alarm system. Updating your firmware is simple and your home will remain safe and secure throughout the process.

Why do my Keypads only update when Ring Alarm is disarmed?

In order to keep your home secure at all times, firmware updates will only begin when your Ring Alarm is disarmed. You can schedule updates anytime, and still use your Ring Alarm as usual, arming and disarming your system when needed. If there are multiple Keypads which require updates, they will take place one at a time.

Since Keypads cannot be used to arm and disarm during the firmware update process, you can use your Ring app to arm and disarm if needed during the update.

Before you start

  • Full power: Before you begin any updates, make sure that each Keypad has plenty of power. Your Keypad will also need to be unplugged and then plugged back in before starting.
    • If that doesn’t wake up your Keypad, you will need to use a pin to quickly press the pinhole reset button in the back. Once the update begins, keep your Keypad plugged in until the update completes.
  • Owners only: Only Ring Alarm system owners can manage firmware updates. If you’re a Shared User, please ask the owner to make any required updates.
  • Use the app: While the Keypad is updating, your Shared Users will need to use the app in order to arm and disarm. Guest Users will not be able to use the Keypad.

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