Technical specifications for Ring Alarm devices

Ring Alarm security devices are designed to keep your property safe and secure. The actual results of each Alarm owner’s experience may vary based on factors such as usage, location, and the environment. 


Ring Alarm devices are designed to operate in a particular region and are not intended to be used or distributed outside of that region. Ring Alarm devices designed for use in the UK or EEA only operate within the Z-Wave 868 MHz frequency. Ring Alarm devices designed for use in the US or Canada operate at 908 MHz and 916 MHz frequencies. You will see an error message in the Ring app if you attempt to set up a Ring Alarm system in a location for which it was not designed. 

Additionally, Ring Alarm security devices can only be added to compatible Base Stations designed for the same region. You will not be able to add devices designed for one region to a Ring Alarm system designed for another region.

Z-Wave range

Ring uses Z-Wave technology to securely send signals between devices around your home and the Ring Alarm Base Station. The range for Z-Wave communication is up to 76 metres between the Base Station and the Ring Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors, however, a number of factors may impact that range.

Click here to learn more about Z-Wave technology and mesh networks.

Battery life

Each device’s battery life is dependent on actual usage. Ring has tested all security devices, and the estimated life span is as follows:

  • Ring Alarm Base Station - Internal rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 24 hours. 
  • Ring Alarm Contact Sensor - Uses a 3V Lithium battery, included with the device, which may last up to 3 years depending on usage. Cold temperatures may drain battery life faster.
  • Ring Alarm Keypad - Internal rechargeable battery which lasts up to 7 months, depending on usage and power save settings.
  • Ring Alarm Range Extender - Internal rechargeable battery which lasts up to 22 hours.
  • Ring Alarm Motion Detector - Uses a 3V Lithium battery, included with the device, which may last up to 3 years, depending on usage. 

Motion Detector specifications

The Ring Alarm Motion Detector is designed to ignore pets weighing under 3.5 stone, when mounted at 2.1 metres off the ground and set at the lowest motion sensitivity setting. 

As every property is unique, we recommend that you test your Motion Detector to ensure that it is mounted in the best location to detect intruders. In larger rooms, multiple Motion Detectors may be needed to ensure that there are no blind spots.

SIM card specifications 

With Cellular Backup, you’ll remain covered in case your internet connection goes offline. For this, we use an AT&T SIM card, included with the Ring Alarm Base Station. 

Please note: Only the provided SIM card will work for this purpose. Using your own SIM card, or a SIM card from another service provider will not be possible. 








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