The difference between the Pro Power Cable and Pro Power Kit v2 (for Ring Video Doorbell Pro)

Originally, Ring Video Doorbell Pro came with a Pro Power Cable, shown below, which is used to bypass an internal doorbell. 



Now, Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes with a Pro Power Kit v2. 

The advantage of the Pro Power Kit is a resettable fuse, which means you can simply turn the power off and back on again in the event of a power trip or malfunction.



Installing the Pro Power Kit v2

To bypass your internal doorbell with the Pro Power Kit v2, complete the following steps:

  • Turn power off at the source. 


  • Remove the cover from your internal doorbell.



  • Loosen the screws holding the doorbell wire.


  • Detach the doorbell wires from the internal doorbell and straighten the ends.
  • Firmly insert the doorbell wires into the ‘Bypass Mode’ holes on the Pro Power Kit v2 until they lock into place.


  • Replace the cover on your doorbell.



  • Turn the power back on at the source.
  • In the Ring app, select your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Then tap the gear-shaped icon, and set Doorbell Type to ‘None’.

If you need to remove your doorbell wires from the Pro Power Kit, press down on the lever on the rear to open the terminal clamps, and pull the wires straight out.

Installing the Pro Power Cable 

To bypass your internal doorbell with the Pro Power Cable, complete the following steps:

Your Pro Power Cable should have two grey wire clips already fastened to the red wiring. For ease of installation, unclamp the clips that have no wires connected to them. 

    • Remove the cover from your home doorbell.
    • Loosen the terminal screw for the wire labeled Front. Open the orange lever on the wire clip and insert this wire, snapping the orange lever down to secure the wire. The red wire supplied with your device should be on the other side of the wire clip.
    • Repeat for the transformer wire on the other end. The final arrangement should look like this:



    • Finally, replace the cover on your original doorbell.



If you set up your Ring Video Doorbell Pro earlier, it will reconnect to the same network it was previously attached to. 


Final step - Check doorbell type

In the Ring app, ensure that "Doorbell Type" has been set to "None." 



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