Timeline security snapshots using Snapshot Capture

Learn about Snapshot Capture for Ring Protect Basic and Plus subscribers.

What is Snapshot Capture?

Snapshot Capture is a Ring Protect feature that takes still frame photos from your Video Doorbell or Security Camera at selected time intervals and uploads them to the Ring cloud. This allows you to review what’s happened in front of your devices in between events (videos).

The images taken by the Snapshot Capture feature will be integrated into your Event History Timeline along with the videos taken during motion events and Live View. That way you can scan through a single timeline and get a good overview of what’s happening around your home.

Note: Please use Snapshot Capture in compliance with applicable laws and respect the privacy of others.

How does it work?

Snapshot Capture works by taking still frame photos at selected time intervals and uploading them to the Ring cloud. You can then view these snapshots on your Event History Timeline, just like you do for events.

Note: Snapshot Capture must be enabled in the Ring app in order for the snapshots to record and be stored in the cloud. If you disable this feature, you will lose any previous snapshots that were stored in the cloud and on the device.

Learn how to enable Snapshot Capture.

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How long are snapshots stored for viewing?

Snapshot Capture photos will be stored in the cloud for 7 days if you have a Ring Protect Basic subscription, and up to 14 days if you have a Ring Protect Plus subscription. After that they are automatically deleted. This will not affect any of your motion events or Live View recordings.

What happens if my device falls offline?

Your device will continue to take snapshots at regular intervals and store the snapshots in your device’s local flash memory. Once your device goes back online, snapshots stored locally on your device will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Note: Once the flash memory’s storage limit has been reached, the oldest snapshots will be overwritten by newer ones.

I want to delete a specific snapshot from my timeline without affecting anything else I have saved. Can I do this?

Yes. Snapshot containers can be deleted within timed sections. When footage has been deleted, a semi-transparent patterned bar appears in the Event History Timeline.

Learn how to delete a snapshot.

What is the resolution of the snapshots?

The snapshots are saved at 640 x 360.

Can I download the snapshots?

Yes. They can be downloaded to mobile devices.

Learn how to download a snapshot.

Do I need a Ring Protect Plan for this feature to work?

Yes. The Snapshot Capture feature will require a Ring Protect plan subscription.

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What Ring devices have the Snapshot Capture feature?

Snapshot Capture is available on all Ring devices.

How can I change the snapshot frequency?

You can change the snapshot frequency under Snapshot Capture in the Ring app to determine how often your device will capture images.

Maximum Snapshot Capture frequencies

  Ring Protect Basic Ring Protect Plus
Battery devices 5 minutes 3 minutes
Wired devices 30 seconds 15 seconds


Learn how to change your snapshot frequency.

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