Installing your Ring Video Doorbell 3 with an existing doorbell

For safety and compliance information for this product, click here.

Physically installing your Ring Video Doorbell 3 with an existing doorbell is a simple process. Simply scroll down for a step-by-step guide.  

For your safety, only use an existing doorbell transformer within the range specified below or compatible Ring accessories to power your device.
For connecting to an existing doorbell system:
- Hardwired transformer (8 to 24 VAC, 50/60Hz, 5VA to 40VA)
Ring accessories are sold separately and may include:
- Plug-In Adapter (24Vdc, 500mA)
- Solar Charger (5.2Vdc, 100mA or 109mA)
- Solar Panel (5Vdc, 380mA/480mA/800mA)
Using incompatible power sources can damage your device and cause electric shock.

Note that you should set up your Ring Video Doorbell 3 in your Ring app before mounting it to your home.

Click here for information on setting up your Ring Video Doorbell 3 in the Ring app. 

1. Charge the provided battery

  • Fully charge the battery by plugging it into a USB power source using the provided orange cable.
    • When only one of the two LEDs on the battery is lit, the battery is fully charged. 
  • Insert the battery into the bottom of your Ring Doorbell 3 until it clicks into place.

Click here for more information on charging your Ring battery.

Note: You may see an incorrect battery discharge/reporting when setting up your Ring Video Doorbell 3 if the device is not fully charged before use.

Please charge the battery completely before setting up your device.


2. (If installing without an existing doorbell) Select your install height

Install Video Doorbell approximately 1.2 metres above the ground for optimal performance. If you’re connecting to existing doorbell wiring that’s higher than 1.2 metres, thus limiting where you can install your new Doorbell, use the provided wedge mount to angle your Doorbell down.


Skip to step 3. 

2. (If installing with an existing doorbell) Remove your existing doorbell

If replacing an existing doorbell, shut off power to your doorbell system at the breaker. Then remove the doorbell button from the wall and disconnect the wires.

3. Line up your Ring Video Doorbell 3

To properly line up your Ring Video Doorbell 3: 

  • Click the level tool (included in the box) into the small hole on the front of the Ring Doorbell 3, below the camera.
  • Place the Ring Doorbell 3 next to your door at about 120 cm from the ground. 
  • Level the device using the level tool. 
  • Mark the positions for mounting holes with a pencil. 

Note: The provided adaptor plate can be used to properly line up the device if you are replacing an original Ring Video Doorbell.

4. (Optional) Drill the mounting holes (only when mounting on brick, concrete or stucco)

  • Use the included drill bit in a power drill to drill holes at the positions you marked.
  • Insert the included plastic anchors into the holes. You may need to use a hammer to get the anchors in. 


If you’re mounting on wood or vinyl siding, you can skip this step.

5. (Optional) Attach the wire extensions

If you have trouble connecting the wires coming out of the wall to the back of your Ring Doorbell 3, use the provided wire extensions and wire nuts.

6. Connect the wires

Connect the wires coming out of your wall to the screws on the unit.

Either wire can connect to either screw. The order doesn't matter.


Note: When correctly wired, you should see solid white light on the front of the device.

7. Place your Ring Video Doorbell 3 over the holes

Don't forget to remove the level tool from the front of the device. 

8. Screw in the Ring Video Doorbell 3

Feed all the wires (and the wire nuts if you used them) into your wall and secure your Ring Video Doorbell 3 on the wall. Be sure you use all four included screws. 


9. Install the faceplate

Place one of the provided faceplates on your Ring Doorbell by slotting it in at the top and clicking it into place.



10. Secure the faceplate 

Use one of the provided security screws and the star-shaped end of the screwdriver bit to secure the faceplate. Be sure to use the security screws to secure the faceplate and not the wood screw which can damage the battery. If you feel you may have used the wrong screw, please contact Ring Customer Support.


If you hardwire your Ring Video Doorbell 3 to your existing doorbell system and want to still hear your old chime, you can set up an in-home chime in the Ring app. Click here to learn how to configure your doorbell for an in-home chime.

Click here for information on setting up your Ring Video Doorbell 3 in the Ring app.


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