Which Ring Alarm plan is right for you?

Not sure if you should get Assisted Monitoring with 24/7 emergency calls for your Ring Alarm? Let’s compare your Ring Alarm options and learn more about what Assisted Monitoring can do for you.

You can use your Ring Alarm with Assisted Monitoring, which means that that there is a monitoring service waiting for a signal from your Ring Alarm. If your Ring Alarm is triggered, the monitoring service will call and your emergency contacts to let everyone know about the emergency.  If you choose to self-monitor your Ring Alarm, in an emergency your Ring Alarm siren will sound and you’ll get a push notification, but no one will receive a call. 

Here’s a comparison of Ring Alarm with self monitoring vs Assisted Monitoring:

  With Assisted Monitoring (and Ring Protect Plus) With self monitoring only
Cellular backup sends the signal if your internet is down X
Keep your emergency contacts informed about emergencies with additional calls from the monitoring service  X
In your home in an emergency? Trigger the panic alarm and all of your emergency contacts receive calls at the same time.  X
Battery backup in case the power goes out
Receive emergency alerts to your phone and email


How do I sign up for Assisted Monitoring with 24/7 emergency calls from the monitoring service?

Setting up Assisted Monitoring for your Ring Alarm is easy.

  • First, visit Ring.com and subscribe to Ring Protect Plus for your Ring Alarm. You’ll get Assisted Monitoring and a variety of other benefits.
  • Then, enrol in our Assisted Monitoring service using the Ring app or your Ring account online.

If you’re new to Ring Alarm, you’ll get a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plus so you can try it out.

Click here for a list of countries where Assisted Monitoring is available.

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