Preventing false alarms

Every room is unique. To prevent future false alarms from your Ring Alarm, please consider the following: 

Install your motion sensor:

  • 2.2 metres high from the ground.  
  • In the corner of a room facing into the middle. 

Watch out for:

  • Windows, heat sources, or air vents. Don’t install your Motion Detector facing any of these.
  • Pets. Pets, light changes, and other movement can set off a false alarm. 
  • Stairs. Make sure that the motion detector is not focused in areas where the elevation of the field of vision abruptly changes. 

We recommend that you test your Motion Detector after installation to ensure that you've selected the best location and the correct settings to accommodate any pets, obstacles or environmental factors. Testing your Motion Detector can also help make sure that it's in the right spot to detect people and avoid false alarms.





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