Setting Up and Using Your Solar Security Sign

Set up your Solar Security Sign and follow our tips to protect your home.


To install your Solar Security Sign:

  1. Put the bottom stake in the ground first.
  2. Add the optional extension once the bottom stake is in the ground.
  3. Add the top, and turn on the switch.

Your Solar Security Sign only lights up at night

Your sign detects changes in light to determine when to light up. If it's light out when you first switch it on, it won't illuminate until it gets dark.

Keep your Solar Security Sign charged

Your Solar Security Sign needs a few hours of direct sunlight everyday in order for it to have enough power to light up at night.

Keep up with the seasons

As the seasons change, the patterns of sunlight will shift. This may cause your sign to receive less sun at different times of year. If your sign is not lighting up at night, try moving it to different areas of your yard to determine the best new location for sunlight. 


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