Finding Your Ring Device’s Transmit Speed

Learn how to see your Ring device's Transmit Speed in the Ring app or your account at

Code: W4-05

Your Ring device’s transmit speed over wifi (or ethernet) is the speed of the direct connection between your Ring device and your local network (i.e. your router) when uploading data like Ring videos.

This feature will be available for all customers soon.
We are slowly rolling out this feature. If you don't yet see your Ring device's Transmit Speed in the Ring app or your Ring account, it will be available soon. 

This speed test is measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and runs periodically to make sure your Ring device maintains a good connection to your local network.


Viewing your Ring device’s Transmit Speed from your account at

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click the settings (gear) icon for the device for which you want to view Transmit Speed.
  3. In the Device Health section, you can see your Ring device's Transmit Speed.

Transmit Speed results guide

  • GOOD: More than 20 Mbps
  • OKAY: 10–20 Mbps
  • POOR: Less than 10 Mbps
  • NO DATA: No results yet

Is your wifi connection less than 10 Mbps? Try moving your wifi router closer to your Ring device to minimize the amount of physical objects, like walls or furniture, that may be blocking your wifi signal.

If you are receiving a device offline message in the Ring app, follow the instructions on the error message to improve your Ring device’s connection.

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