Installing Video Doorbell Pro Retrofit Kit

The name of Video Doorbell Pro has changed to Wired Doorbell Plus. All the great features of your Video Doorbell Pro are still the same. If you purchased a Wired Doorbell Plus, you can use instructions for Video Doorbell Pro.

The Retrofit Kit is a mounting plate included in your Ring Pro package that allows you to mount your Ring Pro on the wall by using the holes you created for your original Ring Video Doorbell.

Note: You can prime and paint Retrofit Kit to match your home before installation.

Follow the steps below to replace a Ring Video Doorbell with a Ring Pro using the Retrofit Kit.

  • Uninstall your existing Ring Video Doorbell.
  • Place the Retrofit Kit on the mounting holes that were used for your previous Ring Video Doorbell installation.
  • Place the Ring Pro over the Retrofit Kit. Make sure that the four pins on the back of the kit are flush against the mounting holes.
    • Note: If the kit will not sit flush against the wall, you can use a pair of pliers to remove one or more of the pins that are preventing it from lying flat.
  • Use the longer screws included in the packaging to secure the Ring Pro onto the Retrofit Kit through the mounting holes.

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