Ring Alarm Dome Siren Information

Ring Alarm Dome Siren is a secondary siren that can extend the range of your Ring Alarm to sound in areas of your home. 

There are a variety of situations where a homeowner might feel the need to extend the range of the alarm signal. These include:

  • Living in a very large house where walls and other construction may mute the siren.
  • Living in a multi-story home where the sounds may not be heard in the basement or attic.
  • Having areas that are frequently subject to loud noises that might drown out the sound of the siren.
  • Having people living in the home who are hard-of-hearing who might miss an alert if the sound is too far away. 

Can I add multiple Dome Sirens to my Ring Alarm?

Yes. Ring Alarm can support and connect multiple Dome Sirens.  

Can the Dome Siren be installed outside?

No. The Ring Alarm Dome Siren is designed for indoor use only.

How is Dome Siren powered? 

Dome Siren is powered using two lithium CR123A batteries. Since the Dome Siren has no power cord, it can be placed anywhere it is needed.  

How loud is the alert from the Dome Siren?

The alert noise from Dome Siren's sounds at 95db at one foot. This is louder than the sound of a jackhammer.  

Is Dome Siren Z-Wave Plus certified?

Yes. Dome Siren is Z-Wave Plus certified, however, it will not extend your Z-Wave range.

How far can Dome Siren be from the Base Station?

Your Sensor should be placed within 250 feet of the Base Station. If necessary, you can use a range extender.

Can I use Dome Siren without Ring Alarm?

No. Dome Siren will not operate without a Ring Alarm Base Station. 

Will my Dome Siren automatically sound when my Ring Alarm Base Station alarms?

Yes, Dome Siren will automatically sound when your Ring Alarm Base Station alarm goes off without any additional configuration

Can I test Dome Siren?

Yes, you can test your Dome Siren by navigating to the device’s details page in your Ring app and tapping the Test Siren tile. Keep in mind, your Ring Alarm must be disarmed to test Dome Siren. When testing, the device will project the siren for 3 seconds.

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