Ring Control Center Information

Manage your account, community, and privacy settings with Control Center.


Accessing Control Center

You can access your Control Center in the Ring app and within your account at Ring.com. 

From the Ring app:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the menu (☰).
  3. Tap Control Center.

From a mobile or desktop browser:

  1. Log in to your account at Ring.com.
  2. Click the Dashboard home icon. 
  3. Click on Account and select Control Center

Account Control

In Account Control, you can adjust settings related to your Ring account, like how you receive your verification codes when signing in to Ring, who you've authorized to share your Ring devices, and more. 

Account Management
Manage your Ring account information such as name, email, phone number, password and more. If you want to change any of these settings, you may be asked to re-enter your password.
Learn more about Account Management

Account Verification
Choose how you want to receive your 6-digit verification code whenever you sign in to the Ring app or your account at Ring.com.
Learn more about Account Verification

Authorized Client Devices
Manage the phones, tablets, and computers that are authorized to log in to your Ring account. Each time you successfully log in to Ring with your password and verification code, that device is saved as an Authorized Client Device.
Learn more about Authorized Client Devices

Amazon Account Linking
Link your Ring and Amazon accounts to unlock additional features like the Ring Alexa Skill on your Echo devices. 
Learn how to link your Ring and Amazon accounts

Linked Accounts
Manage apps and services authorized to link to your Ring Account. This list only includes those that you've linked by signing in to your Ring account. 

Amazon Devices Connected by Ring Skill (Linked Amazon Accounts only)
Grant or deny access from specific Alexa devices to your Ring devices. If there is an unrecognized Alexa device on this list, you can disable access here or remove it entirely from the Alexa app.

Shared Users
Manage who has Shared Access to your Ring account to review, save and share videos from Ring devices you choose.
Learn how to add a Shared User

Manage your notification preferences to receive emails or alerts that are most important to you.

Video Management
Manage your preferences for Video Storage Time and Shared Video Management for all of your Ring devices. These features require a Ring Protect subscription.
Learn More

Video Encryption
Your Ring videos are always encrypted when moving between Ring devices, Ring systems, and the devices you use to access Ring. When saved to the cloud, your Ring videos are also always encrypted. You can also use End-to-End Encryption as a feature for compatible Ring devices.
Learn more about End-to-End Encryption

Web Preferences
You can control select preferences at Ring.com, like the ability to start a Live View from Ring.com without your password.

Community Control

You can manage your privacy and preference settings within Neighbors and from Public Safety Agencies.

Public Safety 
Learn about Public Safety Agencies on Neighbors and manage Requests for Assistance Email Notifications from local agencies.
Learn More

Manage the Neighbors feature that appears in the Ring app. You can enable or disable the Neighbors feature depending upon whether or not you want to receive alerts about crime and safety in your area.
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Amazon Sidewalk
Select Ring devices can help Sidewalk-compatible devices in your neighborhood stay connected. Amazon Sidewalk is turned on by default. You can turn it off anytime in Control Center.
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Privacy Information

Learn why your privacy and data security are our top priority.

General Privacy
Learn about Ring's privacy and data security primary principles.
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Third Party Service Providers
Ring does not sell your personal information, and you have control to opt out of sharing certain information with our third-party service providers for third-party web and app analytics and personalized advertising by third parties.
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Public Safety Agency Privacy
Learn about privacy protection when local public agencies use Neighbors.

Manage Your Data
You can request a copy of your personal information retained by Ring, or have the option to delete your data. Keep in mind, deleting your data will also delete your Ring account and Ring videos.


Customer Support
Easily access Customer Support from the Ring app, and when you call in to our Customer Support Team, you can generate a verification code so we know it's you.

Software Security Updates
See how long each of your Ring devices will be supported with security updates.
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