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Get emergency alerts in Do Not Disturb mode

With this feature, you can receive emergency Ring Alarm alerts immediately, even if your phone or tablet is in Do Not Disturb mode.

To add this feature, open the app menu, tap Settings then tap Alarm Alerts. Next, tap on the word Push at the top, then tap the new Mobile Do Not Disturb Settings feature, and you’ll be taken to the Ring app critical alert settings on your phone. Learn more.


Control LED lights on Ring Alarm (2nd gen) Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors

Don’t want the light to illuminate each time you open a door or walk into a room? To turn off the Contact Sensor (2nd gen) and Motion Detector (2nd gen) LED lights, open the Ring app, select your Alarm from the device list, choose  the Sensor or Detector, tap the LED Settings tile, and adjust the toggle. 


Improved alerts for the Flood & Freeze Sensor 

If you have a Flood & Freeze Sensor, you can:

  • Choose to receive spoken alerts from the Ring Alarm Base Station every 10 minutes when water or cold temperatures are detected.  
  • Snooze water and cold temp alerts for up to 24 hours, and end the snooze at any time.
  • Receive water and temperature notifications, even when Ring Alarm is on battery and cell backup.


Ring Alarm (2nd generation) devices are now available 

Enhance your existing Ring Alarm with newly-designed devices that offer the same reliable security with a sleek look and refined functionality. Ring Alarm (2nd generation) now includes:

  • Keypad includes Police/Panic, Fire and Medical emergency buttons for one-touch emergency response (with professional monitoring** and a Ring Protect plan)
  • Smaller devices offer easier installation
  • Button on the front of the Contact Sensor, Motion Detector and Range Extender for easier troubleshooting (if needed)
  • Green LED lights instead of blue (with the ability to turn off the LEDs) for less sleep disruption at night
  • Patented motion detection technology helps the Motion Detector (2nd gen) be more pet friendly.

Recent Ring Alarm Features and Products

Cameras can record when Alarm is triggered (Linked Devices)

Link your Ring cameras to your Doorbells and Cams to start recording* if your Ring Alarm is triggered. (Ring Protect plan required.) Your linked Doorbells and Cams will record for 30 seconds (if they run on battery) or 60 seconds (if they have plug-in power) and you’ll be able to see the recorded videos* on your Ring app. Learn more about Linked Devices here. 


New One-Touch Emergency Response Buttons (with professional monitoring**)

If you have a Ring Alarm (2nd generation) Keypad or use the SOS feature within the app, you’ll have access to Police/Panic, Fire and Medical emergency buttons that will request a one-touch emergency response. Please note: A Ring Protect subscription and enrollment in professional monitoring** is required to request an emergency response. 


Shared/Guest Users

Do you have friends, family members or anyone else you’d like to share your devices and video recordings* with? No problem, simply add them to your account as a Shared User and grant them access to your Ring Cams, Doorbells, or Ring Alarm. (Note: A Ring Protect subscription is required.) Learn more about Shared/Guest Users. 

You can also provide Guest Users with limited access to your Ring Alarm using the Guest User Scheduling feature at set times and days of the week. Learn more about Guest User Scheduling.


SOS - Request emergency response within the Ring app

This feature is available right within the Ring app dashboard and within camera Live View for those who subscribe to our Ring Protect plan and opt in to professional monitoring.** Accessing SOS is simple! Just tap the red shield icon in the upper right corner, slide the Police, Fire or Medical icons to the right, and you’ll get a confirmation in seconds that emergency responders have been sent to the location of your Ring Alarm. You can also choose to sound the siren without requesting emergency dispatch. Learn more. 


Pet-Friendly motion detection

We’re working to help reduce false alarms that are triggered by pets with new pet-friendly motion detection. To update your settings, simply select the Ring Alarm Motion Detector from your list of devices, select Motion Settings, and adjust the sensitivity. Learn more. 


New Keypad brightness control

Is your Keypad too bright? You can now adjust the LED brightness under the Keypad device settings in the Ring app. To update the settings, select your Keypad from the list of devices, tap “LED Settings” and adjust the brightness using the slider. Note: this only controls brightness of normal behavior, and you’ll see full brightness during alarm events. 


Control lights, switches and more with Alexa

Enhance Ring Alarm-connected switches, dimmers and non-color lights with your Amazon Echo devices, and set the brightness with just the sound of your voice. Learn more.


Ecolink Tilt Sensor push notifications

If you own the Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor, you can now receive push notifications anytime the sensor is opened or closed. To adjust which alerts you receive, open the Ring app and go to the sensor’s device settings. From there, toggle on open alerts or closed alerts. 


Signal for help without sounding the siren with a Duress Code

Ring Protect subscribers who have professional monitoring** enabled can now enter a Duress Code to disarm Ring Alarm and discreetly request emergency responders without sounding the siren. If you’re ever in a situation in which you need this service, simply enter your Duress Code and tap Disarm. Your Ring Alarm can be in Home, Away, or Disarmed mode when you use this.

Please remember to only use Duress in a real emergency as there is no way to cancel the request for emergency responders. To set up your Duress Code, tap here.


Ring for Business

Interested in using Ring Alarm at your business? Professional monitoring** is now available for business owners. Protect your business with simple, flexible solutions centered around Ring Alarm. Learn more about Ring for Business. 


Retrofit Alarm Kit

Connect working wired contact sensor zones from a conventional wired alarm system to your Ring Alarm with the Retrofit Alarm Kit, and arm and disarm using the Ring app. You can wire up to 8 zones with one Retrofit Alarm Kit, and you can add multiple Retrofit Alarm Kits if you have more than 8 zones.  Learn more.


Adjust the brightness of your Base Station

Is your Base Station too bright? Simply select the Base Station from your list of devices, then tap LED Brightness to adjust the brightness. When your alarm is triggered, the Base Station LED will show full brightness. 


Get notifications from Alexa

Set your Echo device to alert you when Ring Alarm Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors are triggered. Alexa will alert you to things like “Front door opened” or “Motion detected in the kitchen.” Learn more


Arm, disarm and bypass sensors with your voice

Ask Alexa to arm, disarm or check the status of your security system. If one of your Contact Sensors requires bypass, you can also tell Alexa to bypass the Sensor in order to arm your Ring Alarm. Learn more


Works With Ring

Ring Alarm can connect with and control select smart devices like light switches, dimmers, outlets and smart locks. Learn more about Works with Ring and see a list of compatible smart locks here


* Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud temporarily, e.g., up to 180 days in the U.S. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information about your plan’s retention period. To keep important videos beyond this period, download them to your desktop or mobile device. Learn more.

** A compatible Ring Protect subscription is required to enroll in the Ring Alarm professional monitoring service. Professional monitoring service is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) and in Canada (excluding Quebec). Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center. Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for commercial properties. See Ring Alarm licenses at:

Visit for more information.


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