Ring Edge Incompatible Devices

Ring Edge lets you store and process videos captured on your Ring device locally rather than in the Cloud (*Ring Protect Pro subscription required, sold separately).

However, in some cases, your Ring camera might not be eligible to enroll in Ring Edge.

Learn how to store and process videos locally with Ring Edge.

Below, you'll find some common reasons why your camera is ineligible for enrolling, and how to fix the issue.

Ineligible camera models

These devices do not work with Ring Edge:

  • Ring Video Doorbell (1st Generation)
  • Discontinued versions of Ring Stick Up Cam 
  • Indoor Cam (2nd Gen)
  • Car Cam

To find out what Ring device you have in the Ring app, tap this link.

End-to-End Encryption camera enrollment

If your camera is using Video End-to-End Encryption, this will cause some features, including Ring Edge, to become unavailable.

More information on End-to-End Encryption
Disabling End-to-End Encryption

Ring Protect Plan subscription

The Ring Edge feature is only active when subscribed to a Ring Protect plan.

Learn which Ring Protect plan is right for you.

Firmware update required

To use Ring Edge, your camera needs to be running the latest firmware version from Ring.

Learn how to update the firmware on your camera.

If you’ve checked all of these solutions, but are still having issues making your camera eligible to enroll in Ring Edge, Neighbor Support can help.

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