Using Your Echo Devices as a Smart Lighting Bridge

Amazon Echo (4th gen) or an Echo Show 10 (3rd gen) have a built-in Ring Smart Lighting Bridge that will help you control and coordinate your Ring Smart Lighting.

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What is the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge?

The Ring Smart Lighting Bridge connects to the Ring app using your home wifi network. It lets you control whole groups of Smart Lights and other Ring products, and be notified via the Ring app when any light or motion sensor detects movement.

You can use your Ring app to create Groups of Smart Lights and Ring security cameras that work together to enhance security. For example, if you’re subscribed to Ring Protect, your Ring video doorbell can start recording video whenever motion is detected by your Spotlight

Grouping your Ring devices allows them to react intelligently to events.
You can, for example, turn on all the lights on one side of the house when any Smart Light or camera in that group detects motion. You can also turn on and off and control large numbers of Smart Lights at the same time.

The Ring Bridge eliminates the need to purchase an additional bridge device to use Ring Smart Lighting with your video doorbell and security cameras.

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Do I need a Ring Protect subscription to use the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge?

No. The Ring Bridge will connect Ring Smart Lights and other Ring devices, whether or not you are subscribed to Ring Protect. If however, you want your linked devices to record and save video images for any camera that was triggered, you will need a Ring Protect subscription.

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How do I set up my Ring Smart Lighting with the built-in Ring Smart Lighting Bridge in the Ring app?

  1. Make sure your Ring app is up to date.
  2. Link your Ring account to your Amazon account using your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Open the menu (≡).
  4. Tap Set up a Device.
  5. Tap Smart Lighting.
  6. Select your Location.
  7. Use your mobile device to scan the QR code on the Smart Lighting device you wish to install.
    • The code can also be found on the product packaging your your Ring Smart Lighting device.
    • If your mobile device is not scanning the QR code, you can select Set up without scanning and enter the five digit PIN code underneath your device’s QR code.
  8. The Ring app will let you know if you have a compatible Echo or Echo Show 10.
    • Make sure your Echo or Echo Show 10 is up to date by saying “Alexa, is your software up-to-date?” When prompted, say “Yes” to install the update.
  9. Tap Use Echo.
    • The Ring app will search for your Ring Smart Light and download the latest software for your device. Once the process is complete, your app will automatically bring you to the next step.
  10. Set up your Light Group:
    • Watching the video in your app.
    • Tap Got it.
    • Give your Light Group a name. You can choose one of the suggested names or create one of your own.
    • Give your Device a unique name.

Your app will now connect your device to your Echo or Echo Show 10 and the device will be ready to use.

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