Ring Protect Pro Information

Ring Protect Pro is a subscription plan for Ring Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, and Alarms. Ring Protect Pro offers all the benefits of Basic and Plus plans, and includes special features for Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro.

Ring Protect Pro features

  • Professional Monitoring1
  • Alarm Cellular Backup2
  • 24/7 Backup Internet with 3GB of included data per month3
  • eero Secure
  • 10% off select Ring products4
  • Video recording for all your Ring devices5

A Ring Protect Pro subscription costs $20/month or $200/year per location. You can try a 30-day trial of Protect Pro when you purchase and set up an eligible device on your Ring app. We recommend subscribing to Protect Pro if you have Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro, with or without other Ring products.

List of features

Professional Monitoring
Professional monitoring provides 24/7 emergency support for Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro. Professional monitoring includes burglary and intrusion, SOS, Panic and Duress (also known as a silent alarm).

SOS Emergency Response

The SOS button is an icon in the Ring app that offers an additional way to request police, fire, or medical dispatch to your device’s location during an emergency. The SOS button is a shield-shaped icon on both the Ring app dashboard and within the Live View that, when tapped, allows you to:

  • Immediately request police, fire department, or medical dispatch to your device’s location in an emergency. You must have a Protect Pro subscription and be enrolled in professional monitoring1 or SOS for cameras to request assistance.
  • Sound your Ring Alarm or Alarm Pro Base Station (sold separately) siren as a deterrent if you see any suspicious activity, without requesting dispatch. If you have a Ring Alarm, you can also link compatible cameras to sound a siren when the Base Station sounds a siren. Click here to learn how to sound a security camera siren.

Learn more about SOS.

Alarm Cellular Backup

Your Ring Alarm usually communicates with you or your monitoring service through the internet via wifi or an Ethernet cable. Any time your Base Station loses its connection to the internet, regardless of the cause, a cellular backup SIM card will allow the system to continue monitoring your home.

When your internet goes down, your Ring Alarm will automatically switch over to cellular backup. You may have limited app functionality while your Base Station is on cellular backup, but you can still arm and disarm your Ring Alarm. The Ring Protect Pro plan includes professional monitoring, and cellular backup will will help keep your Ring devices online.

Note: If you don’t opt-in to Extra Data and use all 3GB of Backup Internet, Alarm Pro will switch over to Alarm Cellular Backup if the internet goes out. This will keep your Ring Alarm system online with some security features, but wifi will not be available.

24/7 Backup Internet

Backup Internet2 provides internet connection to wifi-enabled Ring and non-Ring devices during an internet or power outage. During the event of an internet outage, Backup Internet will step in to provide all your wifi-connected devices with cellular internet connection. Backup Internet functionality is built into the Ring Alarm Pro. If your power goes out, Ring Power Packs are required to use Backup Internet.

Backup Internet includes 3GB of data at no additional charge. You can use this data to browse the web, video chat, and stream content on laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other similar devices. The 3GB of included data automatically resets at the start of each billing cycle. If you need more data before your next billing cycle, you can opt in to Extra Data at $3 per GB. You can check your data usage at any time on the Ring app. Unused data at the end of a billing period does not rollover to the next billing period.

With Backup Internet, you have two options for data usage:

  • Extra Data - If you need more than the 3GB of included data, you can opt in to Extra Data at $3 per additional 1GB. When turned on, Extra Data keeps your devices online once the 3GB of included data runs out. We’ll send you email and push notifications when your 3GB of included data has run out, and a notification for each additional 1GB of Extra Data used. You can opt out of Extra Data by logging into your account on Ring.com.
  • No Extra Data - If you don’t opt in to Extra Data, your devices will use the included 3GB of data to stay online with 24/7 Backup Internet. We’ll send you email and push notifications when you use all of your included data. After your included data runs out, you won’t have Backup Internet until the next billing cycle or if you opt-in to Extra Data. If your internet goes out, your Alarm will switch over to Alarm Cellular Backup and only some security features will be available.

Select which devices to keep connected

You can select which devices you want to keep connected to Backup Internet during a power or internet outage.

  • To select which Ring devices connect to Backup Internet, visit the Ring app.
  • To select which non-Ring devices connect to Backup Internet, visit the eero app. Download the eero app here.

Please note, your devices must be charged or plugged in to connect to Backup Internet. Backup Internet uses cellular connectivity and is subject to availability and coverage in your area.

Learn more about 24/7 Backup Internet and Extra Data.

eero Secure

eero Secure is a service that lets you set parental controls for your home network, helps prevent cybersecurity attacks, and more. To use eero Secure, you must have a Ring Alarm Pro set up at the same location. You can start using eero Secure after you set up your Ring Alarm Pro in the eero app.

Learn more about eero Secure.

10% off select Ring products

With Protect Pro, you also get 10% off select Ring products. You may use this discount when shopping on Ring.com (US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia or New Zealand). View eligible Ring products.

How to use your 10% subscriber discount.

Video recording around your home

With a Protect Pro subscription or trial, your Ring cameras record and store videos when:

  • Motion is detected by your device.
  • A Linked Devices event is triggered (for example, if you set your cameras to turn on and begin recording when your Alarm motion sensor detects motion).
  • The video doorbell button is pressed.
  • You initiate Live View on your device.

Your Ring videos stored in the cloud are stored temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect subscription plans for more information.

If you cancel your subscription, let it expire, or don’t subscribe before your free trial ends, your videos will be permanently deleted. Once videos are deleted, they can’t be restored. To prevent this from happening, make sure to download your videos before cancelling your subscription.

Learn more about video recording.

Extended Warranty

Ring Protect Plus and Pro subscribers have access to an extended warranty from SquareTrade, an Allstate company. SquareTrade/Allstate terms are available here. Under the extended warranty terms, your Ring device may be eligible for replacement if it experiences electrical or mechanical failure during normal use.

Eligibility requirements

  • You must have a subscription to Ring Protect Plus, Plus (1st Gen), or Pro, if the Ring device was under the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period at the time you added the device to your Protect Plus/Pro Plan
  • Your Ring Protect subscription must not have any lapse in coverage.
  • Your Ring device is not currently covered under another warranty, insurance policy, or service contract.
  • Devices were still under the manufacturer’s warranty at the time your eligible Ring Protect subscription was purchased.
  • Non-Ring and third-party devices are not eligible for the extended warranty.

You may purchase a standalone Allstate Plan by going to www.amazon.com and searching for an Allstate Plan.

Are you experiencing issues with your device?

You can call Ring Customer Support at 1-800-656-1918. We will try to troubleshoot your device or offer a replacement if needed.

1A compatible Ring Protect subscription is required to enroll in the Ring Alarm professional monitoring service. Professional monitoring service is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) and in Canada (excluding Quebec). Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center. Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for commercial properties. See Ring alarm licenses at: ring.com/licenses. Additional permit or false alarm fees may apply depending on your local jurisdiction. Additional charges may apply in areas that require permits or guard response service for alarm verification.

2Alarm Cellular Backup uses a third-party carrier. Coverage will vary.

3Extra data charges may apply. Backup cellular data is provided by a third-party carrier, and availability and speeds will vary. May require backup power if the power goes out. Visit ring.com/alarm-pro (http://ring.com/alarm-pro) for more details. Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used as a router, as using Ring Alarm Pro as an extender may impact your ability to utilize Ring Protect Pro features.

4Terms and conditions apply. Amazon discount requires linking your Ring and Amazon account.

5 Your Ring videos in the cloud are stored temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.

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