Ring Protect Trial Information

When you set up a new Ring video doorbell, camera, or alarm in the Ring app you will receive a 30-day Ring Protect Trial (unless you’re already a subscriber at the same location of the new device).

During the trial period, you will have access to Ring Protect subscription benefits, such as video recording, saving, and sharing capabilities. When the 30-day trial ends, videos will be deleted, unless you’re already subscribed to a Ring Protect Plan for that location.

Avoid losing access to your recorded videos and subscription features, by subscribing to Ring Protect before your trial period ends. You won’t be charged for your subscription until the end of the trial period.

Types of subscription plans

Ring offers subscription plans for your home, business, and vehicle. 

Frequently asked questions

My videos were deleted when my Ring Protect Trial ended. Can I get those videos back?
No. If the 30-day trial has expired, all recorded videos have been immediately deleted.

Do I get a trial for every new device I purchase?
Yes. Whenever you activate a new Ring video doorbell, camera, or Ring Alarm Kit in the Ring app, you’ll automatically begin a 30-day Ring Protect Trial. If you’re a current Ring Protect subscriber activating a device at an existing subscribed location, you're not eligible for a Ring Protect trial. This does not apply to customers with a current Ring Protect plan.

If I purchase a new Ring camera or doorbell during my Ring Protect Trial, do I get an additional trial?
Yes. When you purchase a camera or video doorbell, a new trial begins the day you set up the new Ring product in the Ring app, unless you’re an existing subscriber at the same location of the new device.

For example:

  • On January 1 2024, if you set up a new Ring Video Doorbell 3, your 30-day Ring Protect Trial will end on January 31, 2024.
  • On January 15 2024, if you set up a new Floodlight Cam at the same location, your new 30-day Ring Protect Trial end date will be February 15, 2024.

I have a Ring Protect Trial through Costco. How is my trial different?
If you purchased your Ring device through Costco, you will receive the same Ring Protect Trial features. For example, if you received a 1-year Ring Protect Trial, you will have access to video recordings and other subscription features for one year.

Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time only affects videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information. To keep videos beyond your trial, subscribe to Ring Protect.

Tap to learn more about Ring Protect and Costco bundles.

What happens if I purchase a Ring Protect Plan during my 30-day trial and then cancel it during that same 30-day trial?
If you cancel a Ring Protect Plan you purchased during a trial, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of Ring Protect (including video storage and retention) until the 30-day trial period is over.

If I purchase a Ring Protect Plan during my 30-day trial, do I lose the remaining days on my trial?
No. If you purchase a Ring Protect Plan during your 30-day trial, you won’t lose any of your trial days. Your first day of billing will begin after the 30-day trial period is over.

Can I have more time added to a trial?
No. Every neighbor receives a trial period to try out the benefits of Ring Protect. We encourage all neighbors to sign up for a Ring Protect Plan to avoid losing any videos taken during that time.

What are the benefits I can use during my 30-day trial?
You will have access to all of the subscription benefits for your specific Ring device. Tap here for a list of subscription features.

Does a shared user on my account get to experience the same benefits as I do?
Yes. Any shared user on your Ring account has access to all the benefits of your Ring Protect Trial. Please note, shared users can’t subscribe to Ring Protect when your 30-day trial is over, or make changes to your account.

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