Managing Alarm Pro with the Ring App and Eero App

Set up your Alarm Pro in the Ring app and the eero app to manage your Alarm system and your wifi network.

Setup on Ring app

With the Ring app, you can run your Ring Alarm system, Ring cameras and Ring Smart Lighting products. During setup, you’ll start by setting up your Alarm Pro on your Ring account, enroll in professional monitoring, add Ring devices, and add Shared and Guest Users.

Setup on eero app

With the eero app, you can manage your wifi network. During setup, the Ring app will guide you to the eero app, where you’ll get to set up your Alarm Pro under an eero account, connect it to your modem and set up your wifi network.

After setup

After setup, you can use the two apps to manage your physical and network security on a regular basis:

  • The Ring app lets you arm and disarm your Alarm, set alert preferences, view your saved videos, and manage data usage for your Ring devices (if you have a Protect Pro subscription).
  • The eero app lets you manage your wifi network, control which devices can use the internet, set up parental controls and content filters, and monitor online security threats using eero Secure (included with Ring Protect Pro).

Switching between the Ring app and eero app

To make it easier to manage your data and devices, we’ve added links between the Ring and eero apps so you can go back and forth between them.

To access the eero app from the Ring app:

  1. On the Ring app dashboard, tap on the Data tile.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Tap Go to eero app.
  3. Tap the eero tile on the Ring Alarm Pro device details screen. 

To access the Ring app from the eero app: 

  1. Tap Gateway Ring Alarm Pro.
  2. Tap Cellular Internet row.
  3. Tap the Open Ring button.

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