How to Recycle Your Ring Device

Learn how and where to recycle your old Ring devices and other e-waste.


Preparing your Ring device for recycling

Recycling used electronics reduces electronic waste (e-waste) and helps the environment. Thank you for taking proactive steps to reduce your e-waste footprint. Before recycling your device, there are a few things we recommend.

1. Download any Ring videos you want to keep.
Once you remove a device from your account, all data, videos, and Snapshot Capture photos from your Ring device will be permanently erased. Once deleted, videos and photos can't be recovered.
Tap to learn how to download your Ring videos.

2. Remove your Ring device from your Ring account.

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the the menu (☰).
  3. Tap Devices.
  4. Tap the device that you’d like to remove.
  5. Tap Device Settings.
  6. Scroll down and tap General Settings.
  7. Then Remove This Device.

Where to recycle your e-waste

Some states have laws against discarding electronics in the trash. Recycling is a disposal method that’s both environmentally-friendly and widely available. Here are a few options for recycling your Ring device and other e-waste:

Amazon’s Recycling and Trade-In Program
Amazon offers two convenient options for electronics disposal and covers all shipping and recycling costs. Choose the Amazon Recycling Program to have your device responsibly recycled with a certified recycler, or trade-in your device for an Amazon gift card or discount off of a new Amazon device. Your old device is either refurbished or recycled through an Amazon-certified recycler.

Homeboy Industries Electronics Recycling
Ring has partnered with Homeboy Electronics Recycling to offer a free and easy mail-in recycling option. Simply print a shipping label at no cost, package your device, and drop it off at your nearest FedEx store. For added convenience, you can send in other electronics for recycling too.

Recycle your device at an electronics store
National chains like Best Buy and local electronics stores in your area may accept electronics for recycling.

Check recycling information for your state
Many states offer free electronics recycling. Visit your state’s website or call the phone number listed below for more information.

State Number Website
AL 334-271-7730
AK 907-269-7802
AZ 602-771-2300
AR 501-682-0647
CA 916-341-6269
CO 303-692-3337
CT 860-424-3000
DE 302-739-5361
DC 202-673-6833
FL 850-245-8707
GA 800-436-7442
HI 808-586-4226
ID 866-790-4337
IL 217-782-3397
IN 800-988-7901
IA 515-725-8137
KS 785-296-1500
KY 502-564-0323
LA 866-896-5337
ME 207-287-7688
MD 410-537-3000
MA 617-626-1000
MI 800-662-9278
MN 800-657-3864
MS 601-961-5171
MO 800-361-4827
MT 406-444-2544
NE 877-253-2603
NV 800-597-5865
NH 603-271-3503
NJ 866-337-5669
NM 505-827-0197
NY 518-402-8706
NC 877-623-6748
ND 701-328-5150
OH 800-329-7518
OK 405-702-5118
OR 888-532-9253
PA 800-346-4242
PR 787-999-2200
RI 401-222-6800
SC 800-768-7348
SD 605-773-3153
TN 615-532-9265
TX 512-239-1000
UT 801-536-4400
VT 855-632-9253
VA 804-698-4000
WA 800-732-9235
WV 304-926-0448
WI 608-264-6001
WY 307-777-7937


Thanks again for recycling your device!

The information in this article applies to US only. Please check your local jurisdiction for more information.

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