Using your ONVIF-compatible camera with Ring Edge

Onboard your ONVIF-compatible cameras to the Ring app to get access to smart security features and more, using Ring Alarm Pro.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to set up my ONVIF-compatible camera with Ring Alarm Pro?

Before you use your ONVIF-compatible camera with Ring Alarm Pro, make sure:

  1. Your Ring app is updated to the latest version.
  2. You have a Ring Alarm Pro.
  3. Your Ring Protect Pro subscription is active.
  4. Your ONVIF-compatible camera can stream at 1080p or lower, either via the mainstream or a substream.
  5. Your ONVIF-compatible camera can support H264 encoding.
  6. You can automatically or manually enable support for the ONVIF protocol on your camera.
  7. You can automatically or manually set a valid password for the ONVIF-compatible camera.

Learn how to update the Ring app.

Learn more about Ring Protect subscriptions.

How do I set up my ONVIF-compatible camera with Ring Alarm Pro?

To set up your ONVIF-compatible camera:

  1. Tap the menu (≡) on the left side of your Dashboard in the Ring app.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Tap Set up a device.
  4. Tap ONVIF-compatible cameras
  5. Select the location where you want to set up your ONVIF-compatible camera. If you don't see your preferred location, please confirm that there is a Ring Alarm Pro set up at that location.

    Note: ONVIF-compatible cameras require a Ring Alarm Pro with a Ring Protect Pro subscription to operate.

  6. Select the camera(s) you wish to authorize. Connecting a large number of cameras is not recommended.
  7. Enter your login credentials for your ONVIF-compatible camera. The credentials from your ONVIF-compatible camera are only used to configure the camera at the time of setup, and are not stored.
  8. Tap Connect Authorized Cameras.

Which ONVIF-compatible cameras will be supported in the Ring app?

While Ring Alarm Pro supports connecting to cameras that implement the ONVIF protocol, ONVIF-compatible cameras are manufactured by many different companies and we have not tested compatibility of Ring Alarm Pro with all of them, so you may experience issues with certain makes and models. Generally, Ring expects to support ONVIF-compatible cameras that:
• Support a video stream of 1080p or lower
• Support H.264 encoding
• Have the ONVIF protocol enabled
• Have a valid password set.

ONVIF-compatible cameras are not made by Ring. While you can connect them to a Ring Alarm Pro, we are not responsible for their suitability or security. To help protect the security of your data while in transit from your camera to your Ring Alarm Pro, Ring recommends that you use a complex, unique password for your ONVIF camera. Use a camera that supports TLS 1.2 or higher, and/or that you connect your ONVIF-compatible camera using Ethernet instead of wifi. Once received by your Ring Alarm Pro, video data transmitted to other devices or the Ring cloud will be encrypted in transit and at rest just as data received from Ring devices.

Not all ONVIF-compatible cameras have been tested for interoperability by ONVIF. Only ONVIF Conformant products are verified to be interoperable by ONVIF. Learn more about ONVIF and its ONVIF standard.

Can I get a Ring Protect subscription plan for my ONVIF-compatible camera?
Yes. You can purchase a Ring Protect Pro subscription for your ONVIF-compatible camera(s). Ring Protect Pro allows you to record and save videos to your Ring account*, get Professional Monitoring and 24/7 Backup Internet for Ring Alarm Pro, set up Package Alerts, and more.

Ring Protect Pro is only available to customers who have a Ring Alarm Pro and live in the US. The Ring Protect Pro Extended Warranty does not cover ONVIF-compatible cameras.

Learn more about Ring Protect Pro subscription benefits.

*Your Ring videos and photos that are stored in the cloud are stored temporarily according to your plan's retention period, e.g., videos up to 180 days in the U.S., Snapshot Capture photos up to 7 days.

Does setting up my ONVIF-compatible camera in the Ring app make any changes to my ONVIF-compatible camera's app settings?

Yes. Managing an ONVIF-compatible camera with the Ring app requires a specialized set of adjustments in the ONVIF-compatible camera’s app. The Ring app simplifies installation by taking care of them automatically.

Once you've authorized connection of an ONVIF-compatible camera, we may automatically take certain actions on your behalf in the ONVIF-compatible camera’s app. These include:

  • Internally creating a secondary user account with your ONVIF-compatible camera, to avoid storing your camera's credentials with Ring.
  • Changing the active certificate in the ONVIF-compatible app in order to directly connect to the ONVIF-compatible camera.
  • Creating or changing media configurations on the ONVIF-compatible camera(s) to be compatible with the Ring app.

Will Ring support ONVIF-compatible cameras outside of the US?

At launch, support for ONVIF-compatible cameras in the Ring app will only be available to U.S. customers.

Is a subscription required to add ONVIF-compatible cameras to my Ring app?

To link an ONVIF-compatible camera in the Ring app, customers first need to have a Ring Alarm Pro and Ring Protect Pro subscription. In the Ring app, the selected cameras can be easily added, giving customers control over their devices, in a single dashboard alongside their Ring devices.

Which features are available in the Ring app to ONVIF-compatible cameras?

The Ring app will support features for ONVIF-compatible cameras including Live View, real-time notifications, Event History & Timeline and more.
Live View: Allows customers to check in on camera feeds at any time from anywhere, and view real-time video and audio.
Real-Time Notifications: Lets customers know what’s happening at a home or business with motion-triggered notifications delivered to a linked mobile device. Enabling People Only Mode creates even more specific motion alerts and helps reduce false motion alerts.
Event History & Timeline: Gives customers the ability to go back and access motion events recorded by linked ONVIF-compatible cameras, as well as save, download or share for records.

How will videos for my ONVIF-compatible camera be stored?

Customers can choose to store video clips from their Ring-connected ONVIF-compatible cameras either in the cloud or on a microSD card inserted into Ring Alarm Pro, just as with Ring cameras.

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