How to use Traffic Stop with Ring Car Cam

Traffic Stop is a feature for Ring Car Cam that lets you record an interaction and upload it to the cloud without taking your hands off the wheel. A Ring Protect Go subscription* is required to use the Cloud Highlights feature.

For safety reasons, and in accordance with state and jurisdictional laws, do not use or view the Ring app or your mobile device while operating a vehicle.

How does the Traffic Stop feature work?

During a traffic stop, Ring Car Cam can record up to 20 minutes of an event by saying “Alexa, record.” You do not need to own an Echo device to use this feature.

The beginning of traffic stop events are automatically uploaded to the Ring cloud and saved as a Cloud Highlight (if you have a Ring Protect Go subscription).

Any additional footage is stored locally on Ring Car Cam.

After I activate Traffic Stop, how do I know Car Cam is recording?

After you say, “Alexa, record,” Car Cam will respond with, "Recording Traffic Stop." You do not need to own an Echo device to use this feature.

Will Traffic Stop clips be saved in my Alexa History?

No, traffic stop videos will only be saved locally on your Ring Cam Cam, or as Cloud Highlights with a Ring Protect Go subscription. Nothing is sent to your Alexa account.

How do you stop recording when the Traffic Stop event is over?

Recording automatically stops after 20 minutes from the start of the event.
Car Cam will automatically stop recording if it detects a drive event.

Can anyone inside of my car activate the Traffic Stop feature or only the driver?

Traffic Stop can be activated by anyone in the car, if they use the command: “Alexa, record.”

Do I need an active subscription to Ring Protect Go to use Traffic Stop?

Traffic Stop with local video works without a subscription, videos can later be accessed when Car Cam is connected to your home wifi. An active Ring Protect Go subscription is required for Cloud Highlights.

Am I able to adjust the length of the highlight that is automatically uploaded to the Ring Cloud?


If the Privacy Cover is on, can you initiate a Traffic Stop?

No, when the Privacy Cover is on, you cannot initiate a Traffic Stop Event.

*A Ring Protect Go subscription, sold separately, is required to use Live View, Two-Way talk, Real-Time Notifications, and GPS Locator over LTE when the Car Cam is away from home wifi, and to use the Cloud Highlights (including Cloud Highlights for Traffic Stop) feature. Ring Protect Go is only available in the U.S.

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